Monthly Archives: September 2006

The Liar Leaves The Stage

The last decade or so should have taught us, by now, never to be surprised at the mendacious depths to which BLiar will stoop to congratulate himself.

But even after 12 years of spin, manipulation and outright dishonesty, I was genuinely appalled to hear the catalogue of self-serving half-truths and lies dished up by this shoddiest of British Prime Ministers, in the form of a final speech to his party’s annual conference, yesterday.

The Labour Party in government has always, inadvertently or otherwise, been a liability to the people it has unfortunately been elected to serve. But where once Labour administrations were characterised by economic incompetence, small-minded class warfare and craven, servile cowardice at the feet of the Trade Union barons, now, thanks to Phony Tony, Labour in power is about unending media manipulation and spin, cronyism, hypocrisy, corruption and sleaze, seedy indulgence in the trappings of power, disdain for democracy and contempt for truth.

The British people have at last come to regret misplacing their trust three times in the dishonourable charlatan who has so demeaned the office of Prime Minister. Sadly, the lesson has been learned rather late.