About James

Hi there! I’m a Unix system administrator, occasional writer and enthusiastic consumer of vodka martinis. This website is predominantly dedicated to my blog. I’m from Hartlepool and live in North-West Leicestershire.

I play guitar. I own too many wristwatches. I’ve been a fan of the Canadian power-trio Rush since 1977. I like tinkering with computers and programming. I’ve published a couple of e-books. I sometimes present an Internet radio programme.

I maintain a website for shell script programmers at http://scriptninja.info.

I think that’s it.


3 thoughts on “About James

  1. Eoin Murphy

    I am seeking permissions for an image among your collections. The image is of The Drawing Office at Richardsons Westgarth. The reason I am seeking permission is to reproduce the image. The reproduction is for a non commercial company history book which is not for sale nor profit. The book is for the readership of our staff and we intend on printing no more than 2,000 copies. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  2. Mitch

    Toronto sound studios
    I live minutes away from where Toronto sound studios use to be
    I have some recent photos to share of the front and back loading area

    I am a rush fan too and have recently applied to have a historical plaque in the site. Details to come



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