A Time for Pride

I renewed my party membership today with a special sense of pride in doing so that I haven’t felt for a long time. I let it lapse during the Theresa years.

And I don’t want to appear mean-spirited but I must say – the bitter whining of the disenfranchised and defeated in the opposition parties at the moment just makes that sense of pride a little bit sweeter.

The Prime Minister has done a magnificent job in my opinion, not only against the virus, but especially on seeing Brexit through, and of course the party’s electoral fortunes.

But I’d like to offer a special mention for Matt Hancock.

Matt has done a stunning job so far – I’d naively assumed he’d got a cabinet job because of his loyalty and support to Boris in the latter phase of the leadership contest, but he has been a very fine Minister of State indeed, and many owe to him their lives.

Yes, even considering the recent IT problems. Considering the astonishing scale of the effort being undertaken, the speed and urgency with which it is being performed and the unknown and uncharted territory we’re in with respect to a new illness, I’m extremely impressed that these problems have not been more numerous or severe. We’re not through yet but even so, Bravo Matt and team! And very, very well done.

Matt has contributed in no small part to my pride in being a fully paid-up Conservative again today. I hope that when our superb government has beaten this virus finally, he and Boris Johnson will both receive the very highest honours; minimally the highest possible order of knighthood. I think the two Dominics are due a K as well. There’s no doubt at all in my mind that this is the most capable and talented government we’ve seen since the first Thatcher Parliament.

I will never forget the debt of gratitude that those who made the wrong choice in December owe to me. Whether you who did so realise that or not, I will hold my head high with that satisfaction for the rest of my life.

Nonetheless, you’re welcome!

It’s frankly a very shallow and intellectually impoverished thing in my view to follow, as so many have, the low IQ sheep mentality that mocks authority in a crisis for its own sake, or for political point-scoring. It reminds me of the fools who don’t believe in the Moon landings, quite honestly.

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